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Mail: info(A)yourowncuba.com

(Replace the (A) with an @ - We're trying to avoid too much propaganda/spam)


If you have a tour booked with us, you should contact the YOC representative assigned to you in advance. He or she is your 24/7 contact with us. The mobile number to your representative is on the general info document you received when booking.


If contacting us from abroad, e-mail is a lot easier than counting on getting a low-quality phone connection without 10 second delays to us in Cuba. We recommend mailing, not trying to call.


We receive dozens of inquiries daily for transfers and hotel/casa bookings. What you saw on various hotel booking websites is true: The demand for quality hotel rooms has increased a lot but the supply cannot cover the demand. Due to this and due to due to a general pressure on our capacity for the time being we cannot offer single services like hotel and casa bookings or transfers. This limitation is only for single services. The rooms, guides and drivers we have left are reserved for people booking their entire tour with us.


U.S clients please notice: Before mailing us to ask about flight booking and embargo specific issues such as the legality of traveling to Cuba and the ways of doing so, please read the two links top right of this page: U.S Cuba travel and the Cuba FAQs - there are answers to most questions we receive from Americans.



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