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The best way to experience Cuba - is your way

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cuba starWho we are and what we do


YOUROWNCUBA.COM is a joint venture of a mixed group of local and international travel agents and Cuba aficionados all based in Havana or provincial Cuba except for one based in Europe. We have something unique to offer to our clients - both in the way we handle your trip and in the way we handle Cuba.


First of all: we listen to what you would like to get out of a holiday in Cuba.


We're not a huge travel agency offering vacations all over the world. We're not even a fair sized travel agency specializing in Cuba. We're a small group of travel agents and Cuba experts, and we're only doing Cuba, nothing else. We spend 100 percent of our work time focusing on Cuba.


That means we know our stuff. We have answers to your questions. Nobody sent us to be their local representatives or guides in Cuba, we are here because our entire operative staff are Cubans and this is their native country. That is why dealing with us is nothing like dealing with a travel agency in your country. You can't ask us anything that we're not interested in ourselves. You can't ask us anything that you will have to wait for an answer to until we find someone who knows or cares or who 'specializes' in Cuba. We love Cuba and it shows; In the amount of research we have put into the country over the years and in the way we handle Cuba. And your trip to Cuba.


Cuba photo tailormade vacation


We do not believe in "one-size-fits-all" type of holidays. We believe that the few days you have available to relax every year must be spent optimally. That can probably only happen if you and your travel agent co-operate to design exactly the tour you want.


You can spend your days in Cuba the way you want to and make your own perfect mix of city, beach, culture, nature, history, hiking, partying, scuba-diving, birdwatching, cross country driving, salsa dancing, sleeping... whatever you want to.


Whether you have booked a complete package with us, have tailor made your own trip through us or are joining one of our photo tours, you're in the safest of hands. You're the one choosing what type of vacation you want, our job is setting exactly that vacation up for you. And ensure that it happens.


We cater to those who need a guide and a trustworthy contact on site as well as those who prefer traveling completely independent and taking care of everything themselves all the way, but who needs someone with local in depth knowledge to give a few pointers where to go and what to do. And a solid back up for last minute changes or to level out your world when everything has gone wrong.


While we do know our way up and down the famous tourist streets in Havana, the colonial squares in Trinidad and the beaches of Varadero and Guardalavaca, we also know the Cuba that few tourists ever see. Some like to call this 'The real Cuba', we call it 'Cuba off the beaten track'. If you have any interest in starting to peel a few of the layers that covers Cuba, we are a good choice.


We'll be happy to show you the stereotypical Cuba; the cigars, the salsa, the music, the vintage cars. But we'll be more than happy to show you the remaining 97 percent of Cuba as well.


Take our photo tour for instance. In just five days we cover all of colonial Havana, Centro Habana and the modern parts of town like Vedado and Miramar, but also spend many hours discovering Havana neighborhoods and suburbs where few tourists ever set foot. In just five days participants on that tour will see more of Havana than many habaneros see in a decade living in the city. We move around respectfully in a small group without the guide holding up a big yellow umbrella directing everybody around like sheep, and we meet rich Cubans, poor Cubans, young Cubans, Old Cubans and everything in between those extremes.


This is how we treat Cuba, and this is how we would love to present Cuba to you. As a unique and varied country that has no counterpart or equal anywhere on Planet Earth. As a tropical dream come alive to serve you the most vivid and colorful memories of a lifetime. The one vacation that is like nothing else you've ever done. Memories that will stay with you for years, if not forever. Memories of your own Cuba.




A few words from recent clients



"We have just returned from almost four incredible weeks in Cuba. What an amazing country. What a fantastic experience - just SUCH an interesting trip! Yourowncuba was exceptional, and made the entire trip possible. Tomas was outstanding in his advice and suggestions, really understanding what we were looking for, right from the start. (...) there was not even a single hitch - the car, the guides and the accommodation were all ready and expecting us and were really great - no problems at all. (...) Staying in casa particulares was perfect for us - the people are simple, beautiful and gracious hosts and they humbled us with their generosity and open friendliness. The trip was an adventure from start to finish - really an absolutely amazing month!"

- Trish Brauteseth, South Africa



"We've been wanting to visit Cuba for years, but never went because of the embargo. As it seems the embargo might outlive us, we finally got in contact with yourowncuba and they arranged everything. We had a full itinerary made out, were picked up at the airport, spent two weeks in this amazing country and came home with no issues, no stamps in our passports, no questions asked by anybody, but with two suitcases full of amazing memories."
- Maggy and Chris, Georgia, Alabama



"I had three quotes from travel agencies at home and they were all twice or thrice the price of the quote from Yourowncuba, and to be honest this had me a bit suspicious in the beginning. But my two weeks in Cuba were amazing and everything I had booked with Yourowncuba went exactly as planned. All the casas particulares were beautiful, the tours were great, guides friendly and knowledgeable. Best trip ever and a real eye-opener in the positive sense."

- George Culfield, Toronto, Canada



"Thanks you guys for an unforgetable trip to Cuba. I can't believe there's a world like that right on the doorsteps of the U.S. I had a fabulous time there and can't thank you enough for arranging everything. Even though I used a variety of your services and had you guys arrange it all, I am sure everything would have been 10 times as expensive booking it all myself. I loved the photo tour of Havana, what an astonishing city to take photos in. I'll go back within the next 2-3 years for sure, and will definitely contact you again next time."

- Frank Robertson, New York City



"The Havana Photo Tour was the most exciting, uplifting, surprising and memorable five days I have ever spent on any vacation."

- Marta Londoño Hernandez, Barcelona, Spain





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