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Capital of the Granma province, Bayamo is the biggest city in perhaps the most laid back province in all of Cuba. Though with close to 200,000 inhabitants, Bayamo knows how to throw a grand street party on a Saturday night.


Bayamo has some of the friendliest people in Cuba and is truly a step back in time. Statistics show that a mere 10% of the city's population rely on motorized transport to commute from school and work every day. Instead, Bayamo has nothing short of an excellent system of horse drawn carriages following fixed routes, much like a modern city bus system.


Bayamo has always been a stringhold of the Cuban revolution and is often referred to as 'the Cradle of Cuban Revolution'. People here get by without the tourist money that is circulating on the larger tourist centres and for tourists visiting here, it is more important to carry the local currency of CUP as opposed to the CUC.


Bayamo is a real pleasurable city far off the tourist track and a good base for anyone looking to hike up to Fidel Castro and the guerillas' revolutionary headquarters in the nearby mountains, a base camp that is kept almost intact.


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