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Havana. The sum of Cuba and at the same time a world of its own. Battling with Santo Domingo for the spot of the biggest city in the Caribbean, Havana is the capital of colonial cool and the place where all things Cuban begin and end.


From the renovated tourist centre of Old Havana to the mansions of Miramar, Havana is a vast city of 2 million people offering a wealth of sites, cultural events, festivals, dance halls and is home to all the best restaurants in Cuba.


With a glorious past as the main Spanish bastion on the gold route to Europe and a crumbling breathtaking presence of disintegrated beauty, there really is nothing like Havana in this world. A magical, mysterious, noisy, crazy, never-sleeping city with ad aventure around every corner.


Havana was chosen on December 7, 2014, in Dubai, within the New7Wonders Cities initiative, as one of the seven wonder cities of the world for representing the global diversity of urban society



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