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Havana is one of the most interesting cities to explore for those interested in architecture. While Havana is not exactly on the forefront of modern architecture, the city has one of the richest and most diverse architectural histories in the world.


cuba havana malecon architecture


With a history of Spanish, French, American and Russian influence, Cuba has a surprisingly rich mix of influence from some of the worlds most powerful nations in their peak periods. From colonial Spanish buildings in Old Havana to Miami 1930's-inspired art deco topped with the odd 1970-style Soviet majestic statement-structures. Such as the old Soviet embassy, widely and Colloquially known as 'the most evil building in the world'. People will argue if it looks most like a huge spaceship just landed or like a giant sword crushed into the ground.


cuba havana architecture study tour


Havana truly has a myriad of different architectural styles and not just from one neighborhood to the next but often on the same block.


The Spanish were here when they ruled the world and their colonial architecture was the finest. The French also had their periods and founded complete cities in Cuba. After the end of the 17th century the Americans were the big power and during the 60's, 70's and 80's the Russians made their impact on Havana.


cuba havana architecture study tour


More than anything, of course, the UNESCO world heritage site of Havanas colonial core is a huge experience for anyone with interest in that period in history. Along with Cartagena, Colombia, it is one of the best kept Spanish colonial settlements, an imposing area of grand forgotten splendor, a testament to the gold and riches that trafficked through Havana hundreds of years ago when Havana was the hub of the Spanish fleet and the most important city in the Spanish empire on the other side of the atlantic.


Those interested in architecture may also find it interesting seeing what happens to colonial buildings in the parts of town where these have not been painted or maintained for half a century. 55 years of decay on what was once the the splendid houses of governors and important tradesmen is something to behold. And where else in the world can this be studied?


cuba havana study tour architecture

cuba havana architecture study tour


We can arrange individual architecture tours to Havana and organize study tours for architecture students or professional architects. Whether that be the transportation and guidance around town alone or a complete package including accommodation for all, that is up to you. it makes little sence outlying a program for a typical tour online sins we tailor-make all tours based on the requests, interests and input of our clients.


And while you're in Havana anyway, why not extend your study tour to a few days or a long weekend dancing and drinking in the city that never sleeps? Or what about a villa with pool in an upscale area close to clubs and bars or a beach house on the white sands outside of town?


Send us an e-mail and let us help you organize everything you need.



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