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Havana is pure magic. Many fall in love instantly with this crumbling beauty that never sleeps, and those who end up not caring much for it, well they never forget it either.


Either which way you look at it, if you are one of the one million or so tourists who visit the resort area of Varadero each year, don't cheat yourself out of spending at least a day in the biggest city in the Caribbean and one of the most famous and mythical cities in the entire world.


For some it's a somewhat scary thought leaving the safety of the pool, buffet and beach to visit a boiling, lively and perhaps strange city. This is why doing the tour with us is the easiest way to visit Havana. You'll get to see Havana without having to worry about getting lost, scammed or too overwhelmed.


Old Havana Walking Tour


We offer two options: A daytrip and an overnight trip. Download program and rates here.







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