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A 'casa particular' is a private house with a license to rent room(s) to tourists. These are usually high quality, clean houses in central locations. Staying at a casa particular will put you in direct contact with Cubans and will bring you closer to every day Cuban life.


We do not recommend staying in a casa particular over staying in hotels. To each his own. Some stay in hotels on their first trip to Cuba, then move on to staying at casas once they are more comfortable with moving around in the country. Some cities have great casas and not too great hotels, at other places the variety of interesting hotels is much greater than the selection of casas.


Casas range from rooms inside the house of a Cuban family to independent apartments with their own entrance and kitchen to mansions with 6-7-8 bedrooms and private swimming pools. From $15 daily to several hundred daily. There are casas for all tastes, travel styles and budgets.


There are hundreds of casas particulares in Cuba, over a hundred in Havana alone. At this point we do not have an online list of casas to choose from, but we can of course book casas all over Cuba.


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